Submission of entry for award assessment is free. 


When an entry gets nominated for an award, we will automatically include it into the Award Package.  

The Award Package is optional and our nominated winners can choose to opt out of it. A deadline is also given in order for our nominees to confirm upon their participation in the ASIA TECH AWARDS Showcase and to allow us time to plan the event. The fees generated from the Award Package will be channeled back into the ASIA TECH AWARDS programs. 

More information on why we charge a fee to claim the Awards can be found in our FAQs.


Important note:

  • All fees are in MYR (excl. SST)

PACKAGE FEES - MYR10,000​ + RM3,000 

Package includes:

1 - Unlimited use of the ASIA TECH AWARDS accolade trademark. Softcopy files to be provided.

2 - Winning product will be indexed in the ASIA TECH AWARDS website perpetually with a special dedicated page.

3 - ASIA TECH AWARDS plaque for the respective accolade.

4 - ASIA TECH AWARDS certificate for the respective accolade.

5 - Personalised media release with comments from the panel of judges.

6 - Included into the special publication of the ASIA TECH AWARDS 2018-2019 yearbook.

7 - Slot reservation in the ASIA TECH AWARDS Showcase (MYR3,000).

8 - Advertorial in Stuff Asia Website.

9 - Advertorial in Stuff Asia Magazine.

10 - Custom social media content in Stuff Asia Facebook page (100,000 followers).