The AllClip by bitplay is the first universal lens accessory on the market. By working seamlessly with both the front and back cameras of smartphones with a width ranging from 58mm – 80mm (2.3″ to 3.2″), you can now augment your smartphone into a professional DSLR with bitplay’s extensive series of proprietary lenses. Just clamp the AllClip onto your phone, attach a bitplay lens, and you are ready to shoot!​

bitplay has one of the most extensive collections of lenses for mobile photography on the market today, including 8 add-on lenses and 3 filter lenses.

From the bestselling Premium HD Wide Angle Lens with 2 x widths used to capture twice as much ground, to the Premium HD Macro Lens used for capturing the finest details, unseen by standard mobile cameras, you can always raise your mobile photography experience to a next level of quality.

With bitplay, go ahead and embrace the new frontier of mobile photography made easy, using our premium lenses and the all-new AllClip!

  • A Widely Compatible Accessory

  • The Most Comprehensive Lenses in Mobile Photography

  • Easy and Unobstructed Operation

  • Multifunctional Clip Holder and Stand Included

  • Built with a Scratch Proof Material and Construction

  • An Intuitive Sliding Mechanism for Perfect Alignment

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